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Health Studies
Anna Walsh

HLTB01: Health, Aging and the Life Cycle Health Studies University of Toronto at Scarborough Winter 2011 Instructor: Anna Walsh. Term: Winter 2011 Mondays 3 p.m.- 5 p.m. Lecture Room: Room AA 112 E-mail: [email protected] March 14, 2011 Chapter 9. Ment a al Health: The Interface between Physical and Mental Health. Chapter 9 stress: is the worse offender that affects us mentally and physically; laughter alleviates it memory - problems - mental and physical health issues; sometimes its just cause of stress and being busy North Americans dont have much sleep: the growing reason for the trend because of our use of computers, laptops and televisions and other electronic devices an hour before were supposed to go to sleep poll: 95% of respondents were using some kind of electronic device just before closing their eyes late video gaming: 13-18 worse offenders: the reason for them not being able to sleep; not only because they are engaged; artificial light being emitted are overstimulating their brain not allowing the production of melatonin to occur; results to difficulty of sleeping www.notesolution.com Dr. Charles Samuels: center for sleep in calgary: people are connected for 24 hours a day because of all these electronic devices approximately 1 in 10 that there being awakened by phone calls, e-mails, txt almost every night or every night list of suggestions o turn off electronics after 9pm relying on a lot of coffee to get through the day; nap frequently during the day, many of the sleep-deprived people are affecting their mood, family life, social life and their work life sleep of course is very important in human development at any age not having enough sleep can often times be confused with memory problems especially in the elderyl; the elderly may not be using electronic devices, there are other reasons as well: stress, grief, medications that interfere with the ability to sleep; chronic conditions that cause pain and interrupt patterns of sleep: rheumatoid arthritis; difficulty of sleeping - fatigue - may present to you as having memory problems which you might think is dementia (medication, sleep paterns, talk to the family, lifestyle habits, sleep interruption is a problem for the elderly: falls- most common cause of main injury; falls among elderly; 15 of all severe admissions to hospitals in ON. we are always dealing with our problem of limited budget for health care ON goverment instituted a 2 year wage freeze on hospital management and non- uniozed staff in order to get rid of a 20 billion dollar deficit in ON this is important because it raises the prospect of lay-offs in hospitals and service cuts women who drink one or more servings of sugary drinkorange juice a day are adding increased risk for developing a condition of gout (a type of arthritis: occurs uric-acid crystal formation in the joints) diet softdrinks were not associated with the risk of gout www.notesolution.com stress: we are also being told that there is an association on our ability to remember things or flooding of memories: post-traumatic stress disorder, victims of war, aftermath in Japan, how can we delete those painful memories in people? Dr. Karim Nadar, Montreal, McGill: Dr. Nadal research hoping to find ways to dull pain associated with trauma; to turn a traumatic memory and transform it to an ordinary memory; when using a medication called propranorol; that basically people will have a dull effect of the memory; it is now being test: commonly prescribed as beta-blocker; shows promise when administered literally after an hour after a traumatic even, then the person who was exposed will not develop post-traumatic disorder stress can be very harmful: fight or flight hormones affecting us raising our blood pressure; heart problems; chest-pain, elevated blood pressure stress is a staple part of life; it is relative South Florida woman injured, dolphin jumped over states west Cost and landed on a woman, suffered a sprain ankle stress differs from one person to another Sigmond Freud: psycho-social analysis but that was the idea; personality and disease outcomes are very much related CHD: subjected to prolong stress; hostility: people that are suffering from hostility, Charlie Sheen: risk factor for cardio vascular events, coronary heart disease, type-a personality rate are at great risk for cardiovascular disease, always anxious, hostility: demographic trends: coronary heart disease stronger for men, theories as to why it leads to higher levels of mortality people that are high in hostility, tend to have poor health behaviour habits, more likely to drink, smoke excessively, anxiety: at risk for coronary heart disease, release of catacole mines stimulating our heart rate; sweating profusely, heart rate variability decreases with normal aging depression: is a part of a normal course of life; amount of time that you are feeling sad that can be a problem www.notesolution.com
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