IDSB01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Karl Polanyi, Zwan, Financialization

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Study Guide for Final Examination
v. December 1, 2017
The final exam for IDSB01 will be held in MW110 and MW120, from 7:00-10:00PM
on Monday, December 18. It will be structured similar to the mid-semester exam,
consisting of three types of questions: definitions, comparisons of concepts, and short
essays. You will have some choice regarding the questions to which you respond.
The final exam will be comprehensive, drawing upon nearly all of the material covered
in class this semester. It will, however, emphasize the material covered since the mid-
semester exam. You are expected to be familiar with all of the material covered in the
lectures, tutorials, and the following readings:
Stilwell, Chapters 1, 3-10, 12-18, 24, 25, 29;
James M. Cypher and James L. Dietz. 2009. “Developmentalist Theories of
Economic Development”, pp. 140-151. In The Process of Economic Development,
Third Edition;
James M. Cypher and James L. Dietz. 2009. “The Latin American
Structuralists”, pp. 169-180. In The Process of Economic Development, Third
Bowles, Samuel. 1991. “What Markets Can and Cannot Do,” Challenge,
July/August 1991: 11-16; and
Karl Polanyi. 1944. “The Self-Regulating Market and the Fictitious
Commodities: Labor, Land, and Money,” Chapter 6 of The Great
Transformation: The Political and Economic Origins of our Time.
That means that the following readings will not be covered on the exam, even though
they are listed on the course syllabus:
Stilwell, Chapters 11, 21, and 22;
Ndikumana and Boyce’s Africa’s Odious Debts;
Van der Zwan, Natascha. 2014. “Making Sense of Financialization,” Socio-
Economic Review, 12(1): 99-129; or
Mawdsley, Emma. 2016. “Development Geography II: Financialization,”
Progress in Human Geography, DOI 10.1177/0309132516678747: 1-11.
Below are examples of the types of questions that will be asked on the exam. While
some of these questions may show up on the exam, there will also certainly be questions
that are not listed below.
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find more resources at
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