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Lecture 9- ch12- understanding and organizing health care systems. Box 12. 3- a centrally planned health care system [602] Box 12. 4- market socialism in the people"s republic [604] Locate workers, selected by locate people to have so medical training. 1/6 of the population are either not insured or low coveraged. Mix of public and private financing and delivery. Three generation of h/ c reforms during the last century. Hc system reform: in stratified systems (l. america and caribbean) [609] Hc access deteriorated with the intro to private sectors. Hc system reform: in emerging economies (s. korea, s. africa, india) [612] Hc system reform: in under-resourced system (sub-saharan africa) [616] Proliferation of donors --> further harmful effects on vast marginalized populations. Principles and building black of a hc system [616] Indicates proportion of residents who have a legal right to obtain benefits and care. High accessibility= all members who fit the eligibility criteria area equally able to obtain care.

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