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University of Toronto Scarborough
International Development Studies
Anne- Emanuelle Birn

Glossary of IDSB04 Terms [aka Concepts]: N Governance vs. Government: o Both refer to purposive behavior, to goal, to goal oriented activities, to systems of rule o Government: activities are backed by formal authority o Governance: activities are backed by shared goals no police power actions and means adopted by a society to promote collective action and deliver collective solutions in pursuit of common goals N *IHR (International Health Regulation) 2005: legally binding a regulation which was adopted by most countries to contain the threats from diseases that may rapidly spread from one country to another. N *Global Health governance: situated locallynationallyregionallyinternationally may be Formal (international health regulation) or Informal (Hippocratic oath) and they may be Public (ex: MoH) vs. Private (International Federation of Pharmacuetical Manufacturers Associations) vs. Public-Private (Medicine for Malaria Ventures) N *Multilateral organizations: Activities on a near global level involving the agreement or cooperation of a number of nations. The word is commonly used in areas of international relations such as treaties, agreements and trading systems. Funding provided by governments and NGOs, are distributed to many different countries. Major ones are associated with UN. N *1090 Gap and the Global Forum for Health Research N Global Fund for AIDS TB and Malaria: to increase global financing for AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, it provides two thirds of funding for Tuberculosis and Malaria and contributes to up to 20% of all international HIV related funding. N *Bilateral Agency: A government agency in a single country that provides aid to developing countries. Largest Bil. Agency is the United States Agency for International Development and the Canadian counterpart : Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) N Nongovernmental organizations: aka PVOs (Private voluntary organizations) o Gates Foundation: reduce inequities, largest charitable in the world o Doctors without borders N *Policy analysis: The process through which we identify and evaluate alternative policiesprograms that are intended to lesson or resolve a (health) issue
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