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International Development Studies

oAccording to the US Institute of Medicine global health is health problems issues and concerns that transcend national boundaries may be influenced by circumstances or experiences in other countries and are best addressed by cooperative actions and solution 6It is different from international health because it emphasizes on addressing health concerns of BOTH rich and poor nations alike because it implies that all people share a susceptibility to experience of and responsibility for health 6oGlobal health has been used to assert US global unilateralism in which the US has dominance on what is considered part of international health agendaoImportant issues and key players of global health governance international agreements and protocols international agencies and NGOshuman rights issues international trade and development of pharmaceuticalsoProponents of the belief globalization of public health is good state the proliferation of technology ideas and altruism brings unity in public health surveillance whereas others believe that the World Bank IMF and WTO dominance neglects to take into consideration the underlying determinants of diseasesoInternational public health refers to the application of the principles of public health to health problems and challenges that affect low and middleincome countries and to the complex array of global and local forces that affect them 8this term alludes to false generalizations about nonindustrialized countries and their inadequate health systemsoNOTE in this book the term international health will be used to refer to political and economic forces creating
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