MDSA01H3 Study Guide - William Kennedy Dickson, Jean Baudrillard, Doxa

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Everything we know is learnt in two ways: somatically- these are things that we learn through direct sensory perception of our environment. But, the things we know this way make up a very small percentage of the things we know: symbolically- these are things we know through someone or something such as a parent or a friend. This type of information is mediated via some indirect channel or medium. Prior to the advent of modern mass media, people were the primary medium through which information passed. This medium of transmitting information has several limitations: Information travelled slowly as information was tied to human modes of transportation. As information circulated, it often passed through multiple channels, each of which altered, Critical media studies are about the social and cultural consequences of that revolutionary capability. if only slightly. Mass media collapse space and transcend physical distance.

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