MDSA01H3 Study Guide - Heterosexuality, Libido, Human Sexuality

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7 Jul 2014

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American dream: the unquestioned assumption that hard work leads to success, and that success is measured in terms of economic wealth. Assimilation: the process of white washing ethnic diversity by de-historicizing cultural difference. Conspicuous consumption: the belief that one can attain the kind of happiness or completeness often conceived of as upper class through the purchase of material goods and services. Cultural studies: an interdisciplinary approach to the study of culture that seeks to understand how relations of power are enacted, reified and challenged. Culture: the collection of artifacts, practices, and beliefs of a particular group of people at a particular historical moment, supported by symbolic systems and directed by ideology. Difference: the depiction of others who are subordinate to, but a source of pleasure for, us american tourists and consumers. Doxa: cultural knowledge that is accepted as common sense; the realm of the taken- for-granted. Exclusion: the symbolic annihilation of various cultural groups through erasure or under representation.

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