MDSA02H3 Final: Media Final Exam Notes

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17 Dec 2011

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The pleasure principle- the uncontrollable human drive to satisfy desire, or an appetite for something that promises enjoyment, satisfaction and pleasure in its attainment. Libido- a persons sex drive or desire for sexual activity. The reality principle- represents contrast curbing of desire according to possibility, law, or social convention. Repression- the process of mentally containing our desires below conscious recognition or expression. The unconscious- the part of the mind that acts as a reservoir for desire, and it always attempts to make repressed desires felt again by interjecting them into conscious life. Jacques lacan: interested in the causes of mental disorders and psychosis and the way the individual mind interacted with the culture at a large. Pleasurable union with mother: perceived connection to everything. The mirror stage- child misrecognizes itself as complete and in control: lays a basis for eventual ego formation. Subjectivity arises from attempts to represent self in language.

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