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Media Studies
Jeff Heydon

MDSB03 Study GuideWeek 1 IntroductionSusan StrasserThe Alien Past y Through advertising leisure becomes a goal of modern living not just an attribute used to sell a producty Obsolescence refers to replacing old good with new goods though the old one is still functionaly As consumers come to depend on complex goods from distant sources they came to understand less about how things were made how they worked how they could be fixed o Commodity fetishism y The concept of convenience was used in marketing to suggest that product could liberate housewives from troubles ranging from annoyance to hard laboury Manufacturers found that they could sell more of products as different as phonographs and canned foods if they offered a range of options different grades at different priceso Customization and specificationWeek 2 The AudienceJoseph TurowAdvertisers and Audience Autonomy at the End of Television y Ignoring ads the very thing the television was invented for o Skipping commercials y Power with the consumers y New Media integration o Screening consumers for appropriateness interacting with them electronically targeted tracking of them data mining mass customization of advertising messages and the cultivation of relationships based on knowledge gainedGary CrossA New Consumerism 196080 y Consumer rights movement y Surge in economic activityJames B TwitchellShes Very Charlie y Selling smell y Perfume became less of a smell and more of a commodity y Charlie ad girl depicted as in charge o Enjoys dominance o Taller o Masculine booty pat y When youre selling something that is just like all its competitors you forget the product and talk politicsWeek 3 The BrandsJames B TwitchellReflections and Reviews An English teacher looks at branding y Advertising creates emotional meanings through the stories they tell in attaching values to brands y A brand is a simple story attached to a manufactured object o We learn how to think and feel through stories y We desperately want meaning things cannot supply it and so we install it That is why branding works y Brands as gated communities o Loyaltiesy Brands as religious stories o High end brands mimic the promise of religious metaphors and analogies o Brand auras and icons just mean that people believe that the brand symbolic almost a religious significance
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