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Management (MGS)
Professor Rybak

MGT C31 Assignment #2 Winter, 2010 Professor Hugh Laurence and Jeff Rybak Sam and Jenny have been married for three years. Sam is an accountant with his own business. Jenny is a dental assistant. They have finally saved up enough money to make a down payment on a new home. They have lived in an apartment in Toronto since they were married, but they both came from a small town south of London, Ontario. Loafer Jones sells real estate. Recently, he has had difficulty getting good listings of homes to sell; many of the houses for sale on the market are in less desirable neighbourhoods. The homes are, however, less expensive and they are therefore more appealing to younger new home buyers. In particular, Loafer listed one home in a neighbourhood Loafer had never seen before. He made a quick inspection of the home and accepted the listing, setting the asking price at $350,000. Sam and Jenny saw the listing and called Loafer. The new listing more or less satisfied their requirements, and Loafer showed it to them. They were pleased with the look of the property and with the price. They asked Loafer, “Is this a good neighbourhood?” “Sure,” said Loafer, “just look at the quality of the house. But don’t just ask me – ask any of the neighbours.” Reassured, Sam and Jenny purchased the home and move in. Thus began the tale of Sam and Jenny’s new home. When Sam and Jenny purchased the house, it came with a stove installed. The stove was a year old. When Jenny used the stove for the first time, however, she got a surprise. She set the heat at 350 degrees. Once the stove signaled that it was ready, she put a cookie sheet of oatmeal cookies into the oven and set the timer for 15 minutes. She then went outside to hang up the laundry. When she came back after about 10 minutes, she immediately realized something was very wrong. The kitchen was full of smoke and there was a powerful smell of burned food. Jenny rushed over to the stove, turned it off and quickly pulled the cookie sheet out of the oven with the insulated over mitt on her hand. Flames shot out of the stove and burned Jenny’s arm badly above the mitt. She dropped the cookie sheet, where it melted a large rectangle in the floor. Jenny managed to call the fire department, and firefighters sprayed the stove with extinguisher foam. The stove was completely destroyed. Jenny was off work for three weeks until her arm healed. Jenny had to go to the emergency room at the hospital to have her burn treated. She waited for 4 hours before one of the interns looked at her arm. The intern gave her some medication, which he said would take down the swelling and relieve the pain. Jenny began to take the medication, but within an hour she felt much worse. The medication might have helped with the swelling but it caused a severe allergic reaction. Jenny had to go back to the hospital, although this time they treated her after only an hour’s painful wait. Apparently about 10% of those who took the medication had this reaction, which was more likely if the patient had asthma. Jenny had asthma as a child, although she seemed to have outgrown it as a teenager. The doctor did not inquire about Jenny’s medical history and gave no warning about the medication. Sam and Jenny both work full time, and Sam had no time to look after the lawn. Sam telephoned Lawns-R-Us, a local business, and inquired about their price for mowing the lawn. “We charge $50 an hour for lawn mowing,” said the proprietor and Sam said “OK, thanks,” and hung up. Sam next called LawnMen and inquired about their rates. Their representative said “We mow for $20 an hour.” Sam said, “Would you consider doing the lawn for $15 an hour?” The representative said he would send over one of his mowers to view the lawn. The mower came, had a look, and said he would be able to mow for $18 an hour if Sam would sign up for the whole summer. Sam thanked him and thought it over. Then Sam read a weather report that maintained it would be a wonderful summer for growing, as it would be warmer and wetter than usual. Sam figured that the LawnMen deal was probably not too bad, and he emailed them that he accepted their offer for $18 an hour for the summer. As Sam walked downstairs after sending the email, Sam received a telephone call from the proprietor of LawnMen. The proprietor said, “I’ll have to cancel that quote for $18 an hour. It looks like a great summer for growing, and I’ll really need $20 an hour to mow all the grass. What do you think?” Sam wonders what happens now. About a week later, a mower from Lawns-R-Us showed up at the property, insisting that Sam agreed to have Lawns-R-Us cut the lawn for the summer. When Sam told them he had signed up with another lawn service, the man fr
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