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MGMA01H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Native Advertising, Online Advertising

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Sam J Maglio
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Genre or Media Form
- the ediu is the essage
- genre analysis looks to the way artistic or professional conventions structure or dictate
the content
- Soap Operas
o Developed in the beginning of 1930s
o A popular cultural form designed to socialize a home-confined female audience with
disposable income into the art of consuming
o Soaps are one of the most analyzed of all the narrative genres o television
o Preferred form of entertainment for females
- Music Videos
o Emerged b/c producers wanted to socialize an audience into purchasing their
o Visually enhance versions of the recorded music that audiences are intended to
o Gives viewers an entry point to pop culture
o Provide examples of clothes and accessories to buy, how to behave, expressions,
o Complement fashion photographs and magazines
- Reality TV
o A genre that has enjoyed increasing popularity over the last 15 years
o Encompasses a range of different types of programming, including game shows,
talent searches, etc
o Can be a documentary style and focuses o real-life, uscripted situatios
o Benefits producers and television networks as it is low cost
o Shrinks the distance between program and audience as ordinary ppl become
television stars
- Advertising
o Most dominate and persuasive
o Links producers and consumers by creating awareness and demand for products and
o Advertising lies at the very foundation of the commercial mass media, financing the
production and distribution of most info and entertainment
o Central mean to finance media
o Designed according to target audience
o Criticized for the major impetus behind environmental degradation and shrinking
natural resources
o False needs goods and services that ppl do not really need
o Online advertising is taking on increasing importance
o Institutional advertising ads designed to propagate a favourable corporate image
and promote company rather than the product
o Native advertising stories, photos that promote a product
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