MGTA01H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: American Psychologist, Nuclear Engineering, Sole Proprietorship

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17 Dec 2012
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MGTA01H3 Full Course Notes
MGTA01H3 Full Course Notes
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2011 fall mid-term test october 29th, 2011. Identify the degree of competition of the cell phone industry in canada. Note: the answer to this question will be the same whether the student understood the question to mean the service provider industry or the hardware manufacturing industry. The same is true even if you understood the question to mean operating systems or smartphones. The canadian cell phone industry is an oligopoly. Explain and justify your answer by identify at least three features of this degree of competition, and relate these features to the cell phone industry in canada. We can say that is an oligopoly because the industry has the following attributes: a small number of suppliers dominate the industry. If you understood the question to mean service providers: 3 companies dominate the industry (rogers, bell, telus = c. 95% of all subscribers)