MGTA35H3 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Pathos

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18 Oct 2015

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Ethos: refers to credibility of presenter & information delivered: how to establish credibility, demonstrate ethos or positive character: competence, trustworthiness, goodwill, make certain the audience is aware of your expertise and knowledge on the subject mater. * strategies for information with excellence: make certain that the general purpose of this speech should be inform, develop a clear specific purpose, analyze your audience and the context carefully to have good introductions and conclusions, develop a clear, easy to follow organizational structure with smooth transitions. Causal reasoning: cause effect relationship, a type of inductive reasoning. (credibly: demonstrate causes produced/prevented a certain result, this strategy is known as inoculation: when the speaker points out other possible causes in a cause effect relationship and then explains why they are not as important or relevant, it inoculates the audience from future attempts to persuade them in the other direction.

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