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University of Toronto Scarborough
Matthias Niemeier

Merging the senses into a robust percept Marc O Ernst and Heinrich H Bu lthoff robust perceptioncombinationintegration of multiple sources of sensory info bc no infoprocessing system technical nor biological powerful enough to perceiveact accurately under all conditionshumans combine info via 2 general strategies o 1 maximize info delivered from diff sensory modalities sensory combination o 2 reduce variance in sensory estimate to increase its reliability sensory integration Sensory Combinationbrain collects moremore info when in doubt about the perceptual eventfinally resolves the ambiguity ie train moving exampleyours or the other when looking out the windowex Bistable Necker Cubedisambiguated by adding shadows or a small bar that introduces an occlusion cuedisambiguation via shadows shap from shading specularities other shape cuesdisambiguation is a way of sensory interaction that our brain uses to form a more robust perceptual estimateperception is multisensoryif single modality not enough to come up with a robust estimate brain uses info from several modalities and combines themie Newell et alshowed that object recognition requires diff modalities that complement each other with effect of increasing info content showed that both visualhaptic object recognition is dep on orientation of object relative to observerbest view for recognizing an object visually is the side that corresponds to the learned view usually the frontside most accurately recognized by the haptic modality is the side fingers explore the most most often backnatural exploration behaviour allows both modalities to complement each othersensory cooperationresults in increase of info gathered about objects shapesdafUsing Prior Informationto resolve ambiguitiesbrain uses constraints in the way in which info is useda knowledge base of previously acquired infoex Necker Cube2D pattern of light NC gives rise to on retina could be caused by infinite number of 3D structures in worldto solve this visual system computes the most likely 3D structure that created the 2D patternshape priors like compactnessregularity can significantly reduce interpretation spaceSensory Integrationinfo from diff sensory modalities has to be integrated such that a coherent multisensory percept is formedVisual CaptureRockVictors expt 1960sinvestigated integration of visualhaptic infoAsked subjects to report perceived size of an object simultaneously seenfelt subjects looked through a cylinder lens that made a square look like a rectanglethat so created conflict bw visualhaptic infoVision dominated integrated percept whether subject reported perceived size by drawing visual matching or haptic matchingAlways a small but consistent influence of touch on integrated perceptcalled visual captureVisual modality doesnt always win in such crossmodal tasks o ie Shams KamjtaniShimojos study
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