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Matthias Niemeier

Multisensory integration current issues from the perspective of the single neuron Barry E Stein and Terrence R StanfordIntroductionSynergy the whole is greater than the sum of its partseach sense is of optimal usefulness in a different circumstance and collectively they increase the likelihood of detecting and identifying events or objects of interestMultisensory integration neural processes involved in synthesizing info from crossmodal stimuli for evoking some type of response from organism o a statistically significant difference between the number of impulses evoked by a crossmodal combination of stimuli and the number evoked by the most effective of these stimuli individuallycrossmodal stimuliStimuli from two or more sensory modalities or an event providing such stimulio can result in either enhancement or depression of a neurons response o magnitude of MImeasure of relative physiological salience of an event o extent to which MI aids detection of an event has a direct positive effect on speed with which a response can be generatedo involves creating unitary perceptual experiences individual modalities must be taken into accnteach modality has its own unique subjective impressionsqualia The qualities of sensation such as the subjective impression that a sensation gives o multisensory enhancement situation in which response to the crossmodal stimulus is greater than the response to the most effective of its component stimuli o multisensory depression A situation in which the response to the crossmodal stimulus is less than the response to the most effective of its c
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