POLB50Y3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Single Transferable Vote, Secret Ballot, Minority Government

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General"s representation that the policy has been officially sanctioned. In a single member election the candidate with the highest number, not necessarily a majority, of votes is elected. T: the two-round voting system uses a first-past-the-post voting method in each of the two rounds. A: n example of campaign financing is calgary"s wild west" campaign financing where calgary candidates fundraise and spend without limits anytime they want and they can keep whatever"s left over for themselves tax-free. Third party advertising: when a particular organization/group advertises on behalf of a particular political party. Stephen harper in canada was president of national coalition to support ideas that state should have less intervention. Mps articulate local and other interests and party caucuses try to come up with compromises on these issues. Speech from the throne: prepared by the pm and read by the gg: it is important as it outlines the government"s legislative plans for the session.

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