POLB50Y3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Gomery Commission, Hung Parliament, Royal Assent

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6 Aug 2012

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Majority government it can do what it wants it has most of the votes. Minority parliament hung parliament the governing party doesn"t have the most seats, they cant do what thety want , if they vote it down vote of confidence the government falls. The leglisative can bring down the executive branch ; the house doesn"t have confidence in the government. Senate it can review laws , and make suggestions and send it back to hoc for changes they send it back for royal assent. Designed and a full house of parliament. Two doesn"t matter : crown and senate. Amending senate , is difficult because it"s a political deadlock. The gomery inquiry , describe the evolution of the public service more accountable ; The means by which it is accountable to parliament ; the gomery accountability senior beauracratics could give money without the knowledge of executives the way it is set up they would okay the set up without parliament.

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