POLC38H3 Study Guide - Liberation Tigers Of Tamil Eelam

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13 Dec 2010

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OCT 24-Sri Lanka: Feeding the Tamil Tigers
Division between Sinhalese and Tamils
After independence from Britain, the colonialists gave power to the Sinhalese
Sinhalese took advantage of this
Therefore, the Tamil tigers were created
Their goal is to establish a monoethnic Tamil state in north-eastern Sri Lanka
Many people killed
Sri-Lanka witnessed several waves of out-migration
Tamils left their birth place in search of jobs to Malaysia, Burma
Many Tamil institutions destroyed
The homeland conditions that triggered each migrant wave were the primary factor
that shaped the level of support for the militant separatist agenda
Diaspora communities provide support and help for LTTE
Tamils send their children to places to practice and preserve Tamil traditions
Advertisements and organizations to help
All over the world
Political attention and appeal
Individual contribution
The LTTE has contributed from quasi-legal and illegal business ventures
LTTE has been involved in the wholesale retail and trade in narcotics
They have also lent funds to their supporters to invest in legitimate businesses,
travel agencies, restaurants and etc.
Strategies: direct and indirect forms of coercion
Getting funds
The LTTE has a high capacity to replenish leadership and membership losses, it has
been able to circumvent this problem
The Tamil Diaspora and migrants shared the political ideal of the LTTE, host state
policies have helped build up anti-LTTE and resistance within the Tamil community
After 9/11 the LTTE embarked on peace negotiations with the Sri-Lankan
government which led to the first ceasefire agreement since the conflict began
Insight into the ongoing degree of tolerance and duality of Western response against
those movements
Most governments have turned a blind eye to foreign terrorist groups
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