POLB80 Midterm Review

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Political Science
Matthew Hoffmann

POLB80 Midterm review Main Topics Evolution of Sovereignty- sovereignty is the underlying principle of the state system. Having authority to make rules over a defined territory. Never used to be like this, used to have a region that would have overlapping authority called Crazy Quilt. Cold War legacy- US and soviet Union never actually fought. The idea that world could end at any moment made world stable. They deterred each other by threatening each other. Fall of berlin wall was key moment in the ending of Cold war. History of World Politics- Marxism – the view that the most fundamental feature of society is the organization of material forces. Material forces include natural resources, geography, military power, and technology. This leads to forms of technological determinism or the distribution of military power for understanding the states foreign policy and patters of International politics. Constructivism- an approach to international politics that concerns itself with the centrality of ideas and human consciousness and stresses a holistic and idealistic view of structures. Realism – “ Not realistic” . analyzes all international relations as the relation of states engaged in pursuit of power. Cannot accommodate non state actors within its analysis. Liberalism – Happier world. 4 claims- 1) all citizens are juridical equal and have equal rights to 2)legislative assembly of the state possesses only the authority invested in it by the people, who’s basic rights cant be abused 3) right to own property including productive forces 4) contends that the most effective system of economic exchange is one that is largely market driven . Terms Anarchy – system of racial segregation introduced in South Africa in 1948, designed to ensure white minority domination. NGO- Non Governmental Organization – any group of people relating to each other regularly in some formal manner and engaging in collective action, providing that there activities are non commercial or part of a government. Sovereignty- the principle that within its territorial boundaries the state i
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