Lecture 3

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Political Science
Susan Solomon

Lecture 3 shklar obligation loyalty and exile Hirschman has a difficulty of explaining the reason why people stay. He understands the voice option but he doesnt understand the conditions in which people would choose to stay and voice Why would a consumercitzen would go, stay back He understands the reason is loyalty. But he has trouble of defining loyalty its origin and its power to hold exit at bay. Hirschman treats loyalty as an empty bucket with no information other than its ability to postpone exit. Shklar argument has much to do with political evil and the conditions people live in which allow them to stay or move from a country. It wasnt that simple to get away from political evil and was a shadow which affected how one framed problems she wanted to work on the relationship between political evil and political loyalty. Exiles are limiting the turner, or the polar case ?worst case assumption and sheds light on political loyalty and political obligation Political obligation Why should I obey the state? Benefits from government, utilitarian states of mind Disobedience results in consequences from the state You agreed to obey so you cant disobey The state and those who represent it are legitmate and that is benefiting and doing good for its citizens But what if the state is not doing good and benefiting the citizens? Serious of questions will be asked Is it one area in which the state is unjust or in many ways ?the degree of unjust How long do I give this state to repair itself What are the option to change Political obligation is defined as the laws and law like demands made by public agencies- Judith sklar www.notesolution.com
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