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Political Science
Sebastian Baglioni

PolA81 Final Exam Study Guide Week 1 Leaving Home Meaning of home Class discussion Sense of belonging physically and emotionallyOffers security A place where you can be yourself and not worry about anything or be pressuredWhere you feel at ease Creates your identity Reflects your rulesHouse is a place you live and you can move anytime from home you have a personal attachment to and have strong feelings aboutHome is an emotional attachment and house is a physical attachment Hotels know the distinction between home and house and are trying to understand that concept The ideal home is not straightforward and can mean anything to anyonePolitical Dimensions of ones homeLecture in class notesLarge territory how you relate to the surrounding and environment Property something you own and you paid forMultiple settings wealthy can be multiple places where you feel equally strong about Travel trailercabin home on wheelsSeparate Residences commuting couple might have different jobs and therefore are commuting all the time and have 2 different homes Kin Support new immigrants dont have the power to move into a new country and buy a house so they look at their family to help them out Social ServiceStreet homeless people shelters maybe a corner or alley is their home thats how they identify themselves shows how home can change just like that Refugee Camphave no home and are going through war and have no choice but to stay at camps and this is a temporary means to move to a better situation if you stay more that a year in these camps it becomes homeDimensions of home 1CULTURE Common language and values Are able to understand each other if you dont know the language then you are not participating and are an outsider Tradition religionclimate Festive holidays its the experience 2PSUCHOLOGYFamily householdMental psychological and emotional attachment to a place MemoryPast memories that make you happy that doesnt make you happy H everything connects to the past Attachment3SOCAIL CONTEXTHow you relate to people your peers and your neighborsCommunity NeighborhoodInteractions and how they relate to each other and how they affecttheir lives4PHYSICAL CONTEXTEthicClass compositionThe interaction RootsImmigration whether your welcome or notYour identityHow you see home Settlements of roots can be frustrating you might not have a choice Push and Pull Factors as elements that influence the decision to leave homeEMMIGRATIONIMMIGRATIONPUSH FACTORSWhat is a push factor Class discussion Circumstances that force you to leave your home ex War family persecution wrong religion social conceptsA better life styleUnemploymentEpidemic Disease or other health reasonsLack of educationClass lecture notesWarcivil strife Discrimination Natural disasters tsuanami earthquakes TornadoesEconomic conditions lack of opportunity instabilityEducationQuality of life PULL FACTORS What are Pull factorsBetter education
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