PSYB10H3 Study Guide - Autopilot, Biceps, Idiosyncrasy

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When will people conform to informational social influence: the kind of situations that people are most likely to produce conformity because of informational social influence: ambiguous situations, crises, and situation in which an expert is present. When the situation is a crisis: when the situations is a crisis, we usually do not have time to stop and think about exactly what we should do. But the looks of concern and worry on their loved ones" faces add to the panic people were beginning to feel. Instances of mind control or brainwashing, can actually be an extreme case of information social influence: when people believe that they are in a crisis situation, they are more likely to succumb to these form of influence. When other people are experts: the more expertise or knowledge a person has, the more valuable he/she will be as a guide in an ambiguous, or crisis situation www. notesolution. com, ex.