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PSYB30H3 Study Guide - Final Guide: Empiricism, Existentialism, Associationism

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Jessica Dere
Study Guide

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Personality: Quiz 2
In psychoanalytic theory, the assumption that everything a person does has a specific cause is called
a) Psychological determination
b) Mental causality
c) Psychic Determinism
d) Libidinal functionalism
A moralistic church official is caught secretly hiring prostitutes. According to Freudian theory, this was
caused by the _____________.
a) Ego winning out over the superego
b) Superego winning out over the id
c) Ego winning out over the id
d) Id winning out over the Superego
Maria tries to keep her distance from other people, especially her boyfriend. Of the following, which
most closely represents how Freud might explain this behaviour?
a) Maria's parents spoiled her, and no one else can live up to her expectations.
b) Maria's parents were neglectful and rarely responded to her crying as an infant.
c) Maria had a really bad romantic relationship when she was younger.
d) Maria never resolved her Electra complex.
Psychoanalytic therapy emphasizes unconditional positive regard.
a) True
b) False
The idea that men and women each have a masculine and a feminine side is linked to Jung’s ideas
about ________________.
a) Intimacy and isolation
b) Inferiority and compensation
c) The collective unconscious
d) The Animus and Anima
Ellen is a 50-year-old woman who is raising her 2 grandchildren, is active in her community, and is
learning how to paint. According to Erikson’s theory,
Ellen has chosen _________________.
a) Generativity
b) Industry
c) Initiative
d) Integrity
What is the overarching principle of object relations theory?
a) Dream objects have a special significance to a person’s waking life.
b) Every object we encounter reflects our unconscious experience.
c) We relate to others through our mental images of them.
d) We project psychological characteristics on physical objects.
Which of the following aspects of human psychological functioning is of particular interest to
humanistic psychologists?
a) Self-Awareness
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