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**exams50 questions = 25 from lec and 25 from text!! *personalitylearn about individual, brings sub-disciplines togetherunifies themalways at heart of disciplineknowledge brokerrelays findings and theories in one subfield of psychology into findings and theories of another subfieldtransfer/share info. How can we describe ways in which one individual is different than otherwhat are the origins and consequences. Ex. freud s theoryshows a strong scientific theory of personalityscientific study of the person. Evolution impacted/changed our social and emotional characteristicstwo evolved behavioural systems that govern human behaviour = attachment and social rank system. Evolution = foundation for human psychological design; but, on top of that = culture lays a large structurerole of society/culture in shaping contemporary personality/socialization processes especially. 3 levels of personality descriptions/levels (by dan mc adams)each talk about what is it we know when we know a person? . Dan mc adams***as we get to know a person, we learn more and more info about them and their personality.