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Lecture 1: int roduction to brain and behaviors. Course i nformation: pay attention to the normal brain function and the diseased brain function segments, course site: www. utsc. utoronto. ca/~psyb65/ The spinal cord goes into the frame magma and into the brain. As you more forward you can break the brain into forebrain, midbrain and hindbrain. hindbrain: is known as the brain stem. Major components of the hindbrain are the cerebellum and the medulla. The cerebellum is generally involved in sensory-motor integration (this means that it puts together sensory input and motor output). It allows you to stand up with two legs, gives you balance, gives you the ability to maneuver, keeps you from falling backwards or forwards. When the cerebellum is damaged you would look like someone who is drunk. The medulla is responsible for basic life processes, such as heart rate, respiration so it keeps you alive. Responsible for the most basic functions of the body.