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29 Nov 2016

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3. 6 million years ago we had the australopithecus afarensis who lives near laetoli. Tanzania. they walked over a field with wet volcanic ash and they discovered so much from their foot prints. Walked on two feet(bipedal), so they were not chimps and they were not quite human(homo sapiens) they were the first look at bipedality in the hominid era. They knew they werent apes because their big toes didnt point out and there were no knuckle lines. Being bipedal did a lot, it allowed them to use their hands to create tools, cooled their body down because they had less of it pointed to the sun and they could travel long distances more efficiently. They were not quite modern humans because their feet(front part) were wider with a huge arch and their big toe was quite separated from the rest of the other toes. Compared to modern humans today who dont wear shoes they are quite the same.

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