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Chapter One: The Science of Psychology The Growth of Psychology as a Science Psychology is a young science, started in late 19 century in Germany Philosophical Roots of Psychology o Animism the belief that all animals and all moving objects possess spirits providing their motive force Early people believed that anything that seemed to move or grow had some sort of spirit in them Latin animare meaning to quicken, enliven, endow with breath or soul o Rene Descartes Seventeenth century French philosopher and mathematician Has been called the father of modern philosophy and of a biological tradition that led to modern physiological psychology Assumed that the world was purely mechanical entity that having once been set in motion by God, ran its course without divine interference To him, animals were creatures of the natural world only, behaviours controlled by natural causes To him, humans are machines affected by natural causes and producing natural effects (ex: reflexes) Reflex an automatic response to a stimulus (such as the blink reflex to the sudden unexpected approach of an object towards the eye) Believed that the mind is what set us humans apart from the rest of the world because it was not part of the natural world, it obeyed different laws www.notesolution.com
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