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Steve Joordens

PSYA01 Psychology: Study of Mind and Behavior  Mind: private inner experience, made up of consciousness, perceptions, thoughts, and memories  Behavior: observable actions of human beings and animals  Subjective experiences arise from, electrical and chemical activities  Psychological processes are adaptive: promote welfare and reproduction of organisms  Mind trades accuracy for speed and versatility  All prone to a variety of error and illusions  nativism certain kinds of knowledge are innate or inborn  philosophical empiricism: all knowledge required through experience  Descartes: mind influence the body  Mind is what the brain does through pineal gland  Gall: phrenology, theory that specific mental abilities and characteristics, ranging from memory to the capacity for happiness, localized in specific regions of the brain  Physiology: study of biological processes in human body, it measures speed, nerve impulses  Consciousness: person subjective experience of words and mind  Structuralism: analyses of the basic elements that constitute the mind  Introspection: subjective observation of one’s own experience  James believed trying to isolate and analyze a particular moment of consciousness, distorted the nature of consciousness  Functionalism: purpose mental processes serves in enabling people to adapt to the environment  Darwin= natural selection, features of an organism that help it survive and reproduce are more likely than other features to be passed on the subsequent generations  Hall believed that ad children develop they pass through stages that repeat the evolutionary history of the human race  Hysteria= temporary loss of cognitive or motor functions, usually as a result of emotionally upsetting experiences  Unconsciousness: the part of the mind that operates outside of conscious thoughts, feelings and actions  Psychoanalytical theory: Freud’s approach to understanding
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