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At the age of 3, a child uses the proper conjugations of past-tense verbs such as “I ran” and “you ate”. At 5, the same child begins to use incorrect conjugations instead, such as “I runned” and “you cated”. What does this suggest about the child’s language development? This suggest that the child’s language is developing normally What is the function of Wernicke’s area? Wernicke’s area is associated with language comprehension In the “raven’s progressive matrix” test, participants performance is measure by the complexity of problem they are able to solve As shown in the lecture, Chaser the dog is able to retrieve particular toys by name, as requested by her owner. What aspect of language does this exemplify? Receptive language Currently, the most widely-used intelligence tests are the ___ and the ___ Stanford-Binet; WAIS Which of the following type of reasoning is NOT found on the Stanford-Binet intelligence test? Associative Consider the following two sentences: Joe took a bite out of his burger. Joe’s burger took a bite out of his wallet. At what level of structure are these two sentences most alike? They are most alike at the level of surface structure. According to John Carrol, The ability to see abstract relationships and draw logical inferences is called Fluid intelligence In the 1980s, a mathematical technique called ___ analysis brought the debate between Spearman and Thurstone to an end. Confirmatory factor Binet and Simon designed their test to measure a child’s aptitude for learning independent of the child’s prior educational achievement, and it was in this sense that they called theirs a test of natural intelligence German psychologist Willaim Stern (1914) suggested that the best way to determine whether a child was developing normally was to examine the ratio of the child’s Mental age to physical age Upon hearing or reading a sentence, do people retain the surface structure or the deep structure of a sentence? People retain the deep structure of the sentence Why are behaviourist explanations of language learning inadequate Behaviourist explanations are inadequate because parents do not spend much time teaching their children grammar What hemisphere is responsible for language The left hemisphere is primarily responsible for language, with some contributions form the right hemisphere You encounter an animal and classify it as a dog because it reminds you of other dogs you have encountered. This an example of which theory? This an example of exemplar theory The ____ environment refers to those environmental factors that are experienced by all relevant members of a household, whereas the ___ environment refers to those environment factors that are not experienced by all relevant members of a household shared; non shared Which one of the following is NOT a type of intelligence suggested by Rober Sternberg natural intelligence How might the availability bias lead to negative stereotypes of others? When particular stereotypes are easier to recall, they appear to be more frequent and thus reinforce the stereotype. How does language facilitate the transfer of consciousness from one organism to another Without language, it would be difficult to teach another organism what the first organism has learned through experience Intelligence tests were originally developed to help children succeed in school Deviation IQ is a statstic obtained by dividing a person’s test score by the average test score of people in the same age group and then multiplying the quotient by 100. The bad thing about the deviation IQ is that: it does not allow comparison
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