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Chapter 5 Sensation The detection of the elementary properties of a stimulus. Perception detection of the more complex properties of a stimulus, including its location and nature, involving learning Transduction The conversion of physical stimuli into changes in the activity of receptor cells of sensory organs Receptor cell Neuron that directly responses to a physical stimuli Anatomical Coding A means by which the nerves system represents information; different features are coded by the activity of different neurons Temporal Coding A means by which the nervous system represents information; different features are coded by the pattern of activity of neurons (firing fasterslower) Just-noticeable difference (jnd) the smallest difference between two similar stimuli that can be disguised; also called threshold. Weber fraction Ratio between a just-noticeable difference and the magnitude of a stimulus; reasonably constant over the middle range of most stimulus intensities. Threshold The point at which a stimulus, or a change in the value of a stimulus, can be detected Different Threshold jnd Absolute threshold min. Value a stimulus can be detected Signal detection theory a mathematical theory of the detection of stimuli, which involves discriminating a signal from the noise in which it is embedded and which takes into account participants willingness to report detecting the signal. ROC curve receiver operating characteristic curve a graph of hits and false alarms of participants under different motivational conditions, indicates peoples ability to detect a particular stimulus Wavelength The distance between adjacent waves of radiant energy; in vision, most closely associated with the perceptual dimension of hue Cornea transparent tissue covering the front of the eye Sclera tough outer layer of the eye; the eye white Iris the pigmented muscle of the eye that controls the size of the pupil www.notesolution.com
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