Language: The Brain & Disorders (autism onwards)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
John Bassili

LEC05 [Chapter 10] Language: The Brain & Language Disorders Autism (read the blurbs on it in CH7) No test, no scan to diagnose autism, diagnoses is clinical; looks for characteristics Autism is characterized by 3 general impairments (Autism characteristics): o Deviant social development (Delayedabsent social development) Ambiguous sign in early years, little to no reaction to bonding Example: giggling when tickled, smiles at mother o Delayed & unusual language development May have no language, or if there were it may be a bit unusual, the way its presented & used o Repetitive & ritualistic behavior Lets of repetition, and often prefers to be left alone in this ritualistic behavior Something that they like to do, and they would do it over & over again Example: lining stuff up. While other children like to spend time with parents and others, an autistic child would want to spend time alone with familiar toys, arranging them into a certain order, anything out of order is irritating. o Overflow behavior Hand flapping, walking tip toed; serves no purpose Autism diagnoses is occurs relatively late, child is already few years old The specific symptoms of autism vary a lot & the impairment is often difficult to diagnose Autism is a lifelong condition, there are therapies; better to start early
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