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John Bassili

Lecture 30 Mood Disorders -This is what keeps people from functioning actively, from permanent members society. -Disorders are leading causes of disability worldwide: 1.Major depression- mental 2.Iron-difiency anemia 3. Falls 4.Alcohol use- mental 5. Pulmonary disease 6. Bipolar mood disorder-mental 7. Congenital anomalies 8.Osteoarthritis 9.Schizophrenia- mental 10.Obsessive- compulsive disorders Depression -Defined as clinical syndrome that involves a combination of emotional, cognitive and behavioral symptoms relating to overwhelming despair. -Major depression, clinical depression, unipolar depression- extreme case of depression -Physical symptoms= fatigue, difficulty sleeping, change in appetite -Behavioral symptoms= pacing, inactivity, stupor (lying in bed staring at the ceiling, motionless, not engaging with life) -Cognitive Symptoms (negative thoughts)= Guilt, feel worthless, concentration problems, thoughts of suicide -Feelings of despair are so overwhelming we begin to think suicide is the only way out. VIDEO ON MAJOR DEPRESSION What is Major Depression? -Mentions symptoms of depression mentioned above -Testimonial on Margarita a mother and wife, case of depression -Takes medicine -Discuss her husbands absence at home, she says her husband spent more time outside than at home -Liked sleeping, thus liked nighttime. Was depressed during the day. -Testimonial 2, Phillis, 64 years old. -Felt depression on her 20s, but her symptoms were not taken into th consideration till 2 years before her 64 birthday. Undiagnosed for 40 years. -She is happily married, considers her husband her best friend. www.notesolution.com
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