ch. 6 - attitudes and persuasion

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Ingrid L.Stefanovic

Chapter 6 The nature and origin of attitudes Attitude: an evaluation of a person, object, or idea Attitudes are evaluative in that they consist of a positive or negative reaction to something An attitude is made up of 3 components: o Affective component, consisting of emotional reactions toward the attitude object (eg. Another person or social issue) o Cognitive component, consisting of thought and beliefs about the attitude object, and o Behavioural component, consisting of actions or observable behaviour toward the attitude object Affectively based attitudes Affectively based attitude: an attitude based primarily on peoples emotions and feelings about the attitude o ex. when voting, people seem to vote more with their hearts than their minds so basing their decision to vote for a political candidate on how they feel about the person or the party, rather than on a well-reasoned evaluation of the policies where do effectively based attitudes come from? o One source is peoples values such as their religious and moral beliefs Affectively based attitudes have certain key features in common: o They do not result from a rational examination of the issues o They are not governed by logic (eg. Persuasive argument about the issues seldom change an affectively based attidue); and o They are often linked to peoples values, so that trying to change them challenges those values Cognitively based attitude Cognitively based attitude: an attitude based primarily on a persons beliefs about the properties
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