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Elizabeth Page- Gould

Introduction to Social Psychology Lecture 1 Methods and Social CognitionCorrelational Designs Proper Interpretation if you have a Correlational study you can say that the two aspects covary each other and predict each other but not causationTheory of mind to predict what somebody else is thinking and to know that your thoughts are not their thoughts occurs around 34 years if ageLay theory what people in general think or believe Social Cognition controlled cognition for example taking a test and focusing Automatic cognition is when you think about doctors nurses come to mind automaticallyPreattentive processessomething that catches your attention following by possible actions for example someone pulls out a gun it catches your attention and you hide for coverPilot study where they develop the stimuli for example Snyders initial Selffulfilling Prophecy methodSemantic network the categorization of different things and its relationships in your mind For example robins are related to birds whereas ostrich would be further relatedAccessibility and Priming recently thought about things are more easily related to current social situations Wegners study on Thought Repression demonstrating the very act of saying Im not thinking about it becomes hyperaccessibleWays you can process information and social world Algorithms and Heuristics Algorithms has to go in order have to actively use mental resources effortful but low error rate It is successful but not used oftenHeuristics more common strategy such as schemas Thinking about more than one thingmaking more than one association at one time Availability Heuristic example when she is trying to think how frequent something is going to occurbroad questions like how was your summer These will be based on accessibility This tends to result in overestimating their frequencyo For example when you walk down
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