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Ella Daniel

Chapter 9 Quiz1According to research children as young as 4 years old understand different tones and vocabularies are used in certain situations This sensitivity to language and social expectations is calledasociolinguistic understandingbexpansionscreferential communication skillsdspeech registers2Which of the following statements accurately describes childrens speech registersaChildren use a more expressive language style when talking to an othersex playmate than a samesex playmatebChildren use more commands when engaged in roughandtumble play with their peerscChildren are encouraged to wave byebye before they can grasp the gestures meaningdChildren use more questions when they are talking to adults than children3Which of the following statements supports the nativist perspective of language developmentaParents use praise and attention to encourage the sounds that children make that are most like wordsbMost computers can simulate early language learning in infants and toddlerscIt is physically impossible for adults to engage in intensive tutoring to yield the extensive vocabulary and complex sentences of a typical 6yearolddOnly words and phrases that receive adult reinforcement are maintained in working memory4Which of the following statements about deaf childrens language is trueaDeaf children are more likely than hearing children to be severely delayed in pragmatic languagebDeaf childrens gestural sentences are less complex than those of their motherscDeaf childrens gestural sentences are more complex than those of hearing childrendDeaf children develop gestural vocabularies with distinct forms for nouns and verbs5The nativist perspective views the acquisition of grammatically complex language as a uniquely human capacity Attempts to teach language to animals haveadebunked this assumption because chimpanzees can attain adultlike understanding of grammarbdebunked this assumption because some animals display the ability to produce long sentences that conform to rulebased structurecsupported this assumption because chimpanzees are unable to learn words or understand novel sentencesdsupported this assumption as no evidence exists that animals can comprehend and produce complex novel sentences6Laura is a deaf infant who was discouraged from manual signing Still she developed a gestural communication system called homesign which supports thetheory of language developmentainformationprocessingbnativistcbehavioristdsocial interactionist7The nature of Kanzi the Bonobo chimps linguis
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