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University of Toronto Scarborough
Ella Daniel

Chapter 14 Quiz1Immigrant parents from cultures that place a high value on family closeness and obedience to authority may have greater difficulty in adapting to their teenagers push for autonomy This results inwhich is associated with a rise in deviant behavioragenerational conflictbacculturative stresscan adjustment gapda culture clash2If Carlos and Anna who are new parents have a troubled marriage their relationship usuallyafter a baby is bornabecomes more egalitarianbbecomes more strainedcbreaks up within three monthsdimproves3When neighbors friends or other family members give parents advice on child rearing they are usinginfluences to promote the childs developmentadirectbindirectcthirdpartydbidirectional4Effective parenting of adolescents strikes a balance betweenand alow selfesteem high selfesteembindependence effortful controlccontrol disciplinedconnection separation5Sexual abuse is committedaprimarily against children under age 10bprimarily by strangerscmostly against young adolescentsdagainst both boys and girls with girls being the more prevalent6The quest for autonomyarequires children to reject the values of their parentsbhas emotional and behavioral componentscresults in childrens idealization of their parentsdgenerally occurs in middle childhood7Which of the following families will most likely transmit information about their heritage and cultural values to their childrenaa singleparent familyban AfricanAmerican extended familyca traditional nuclear familyda lowSES CaucasianAmerican family8Children of authoritarian pare
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