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Konstantine Zakzanis

Chapter 13: Personality Disorders Multiple Choice 1. A 2. A A major problem in diagnosing PD is low reliability over time. Test re-test reliability is poor, depending on which PD. 3. D - MCMI is most used for assessing PD. Recently, dimensional evaluation of PD is growing 4. D - Schizotypal PD comorbid w other PD 5. C 6. B 7. A In research on response modulation and psychopathy, psychopaths won or lost money depending on what cards appeared. Impulsivity was studied by making them wait before deciding to continue the game (theyre insensitive to contextual info telling them no point of playing). 8. A PCL-R (Psychopathy Check List Revised) includes items callousness and lack of guilt, measures 2 factors (emotional detachment and impulsivityirresponsibility) and predicted treatment outcome in federal prison. Is NOT used to diagnose PD. 9. A high rates of depression found in ppl w dependent PD (also bipolar disorder, anxiety disorders and bulimia) 10. A Behavior and cognitive therapists treat PD by defining problem in behaviors instead of examining personalities 1
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