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PSYB32 Midterm 1 Study Guide

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Konstantine Zakzanis

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What is Abnormal Behavior? 1. Lecture 1: Definition Violation of norms: behavior that violates social norms or threatens or makes anxious to those who is observing it Disability or impairment: for example, there are times throughout the years where he experiences 6 symptoms of depression that lasts 2 weeks or more that may require professional diagnosis of major depression. He is facing psychological impairments such as sadness, hedonia which is the inability to enjoy things, sleep disturbances such as over sleeping, social withdrawal, apathy. The differences between impairment and disability relates to his ability to engage in my activities of daily living. If he is too depressed, his depression impairments that results in his inability to go to work or maintain a relationship this results in a disability. Hippocrates; first physician (Greek) to separate between physical and mental health and wellbeing. Shifted abnormality from demonology Somatogenesis: when we believe something wrong with the soma; Greek for physical body, this can disturb thoughts, actions or behaviours. Treatments are somatic such as recommendi
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