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Measurement of Attachment o Patterns of attachmentSecure attached Distressed during separation Seeks out mother during reunion 60 of north American infants Insecure avoidant Unresponsive to mom Avoids parent during reunion 15 of north American infantsInsecure resistant Seeks closeness to mom failure to explore Combines clinginess and resistant behaviour upon return 10 of north American infantsInsecure disorganized disoriented Confusion over whether to approach or avoid 15 of north American infantso Attachment q sort calls the mother to sort a set of cards containing phrases that describe the childs behaviour into sets ranging from most descriptive to least descriptive Useful for children ages of 15 and was designed to make ratings in a naturalistic setting Requires a lot of time and doesnt differentiate types of attachment o California attachment procedure focuses on how mothers manage childrens fear and upset to stressful situations in 18 month olds Classifies the attachment of children who are accustomed to routine separation from their parent Factors affecting the development of attachment o Rene spitzWorked with institutionalized infants research on adoption of European infantsStudy mom gave up child they stayed in a regular hospital ward experienced clinical depression bc they didnt have a consistent relationship with caregivercan still form later in life
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