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Konstantine Zakzanis

Lec 20 : Problem behavior might not be same for some pple. IT is the temporal relationship between intermediate and delayed. Example: You are living on a campus; your roommate brought a movie that you wanna watch. Are you are gonna watch the 3 hour movie now or spend that 3 hour studying for tomorrow’s exam. If you actually gain knowledge, you will have societal advantage. Intellectually, your behavior will have an impact on the family that you are gonna have in the future. Pple who want to change the way they look, do things like exercise to reduce and jump right into it. Thus, they don’t succeed. Why is that the case? We might be motivated to change the health and we jump into it why it doesn’t work? From scientific perspective, your body is used to engage in certain activity for a long period of time. If u respond in a gradual fashion instead of jumping into it, it will be more effective. If somebody is trying to engage in a behavior that requires more responsibility, you wanna reverse back in time gradually. If you don’t have patience to achieve the goal, you are likely gonna fail.  Immediate small punishers for a behavior versus reinforcers that are cumulatively significant Example: If you think about changing ur health style by restricting ur diet, you can increase ur life time by 15-20 yrs according to latest research.  Immediate small punisher for behavior versus immediate but highly improbable major punisher if the behavior does not occur Example: Driving a motor cycle. There are a certain states in the country where you don’t have to wear hamlet. Without hamlet one can experience a horrible end. Wearing this hamlet is apparently hard . It had the reinforcing consequence when you take it off. You don’t think that the highly improbably could be threat that you will hurt ur self, other pple & ur family. Children are selfish too. As we grew up, we realize that we are not the only pple in the world.  Immediate small punisher for a behavior versus a delayed major punisher if the behavior does not occur Example: Putting sun screen over your body. Small punisher is that you have to wear this waxy thing all over your body. While a long term punisher would be that w/o sun screen you can get the skin cancer. Brushing your teeth. Small punisher is that it doesn’t feel good when you brush ( u have to make an effort). Long term punisher could be dental hygienic problem. 1) Think about what problem is in front of you? Operationally define what you wanna do? e.g quitting smoke– you know how to change it but most pple don’t. We can modernize it by observing the data every day. Most pple don’t know how implement BM program. They don’t have luxury of that education. -> See if the behavior is deficit or excess. Be more specific; get closer and closer to wht your goal is. If you never articulate, you ll never succeed. 2) Apply techniques- according to BF skinner if you engaging in self management, you have control over the behavior. You are using one’s nervous sys to control its own nervous sys (ironic). In this example, controlling behavior is all about study. Studying is the behavior we’r
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