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Chapter 5ExtinctionChapter OutlineDefining ExtinctionExtinction BurstSpontaneous RecoveryProcedural Variations of ExtinctionA Common Misconception About ExtinctionFactors Influencing ExtinctionChapter SummaryKey TermsPractice TestAppendix AChapter 5 Quiz 1Chapter 5 Quiz 2Chapter 5 Quiz 3Ideas for Class Activities1 Describe everyday examples of positive and negative reinforcement and ask students to describe how extinction would occur with each example2 Describe everyday examples of extinction and ask students to describe the extinction bursts that could occur in each exampleAnswers to Practice Test Questions1Extinction occurs when a behavior which has been previously reinforced no longer results in reinforcing consequences and therefore the behavior stops occurring in the future2 The following example illustrates extinction Karens washing machine will not start unless she pounds hard one time on the side of the machineEventually the pounding is no longer effective in getting the machine to start so Karen no longer pounds on the machine3An extinction burst is when an unreinforced behavior temporarily increases in frequency duration or intensity during the extinction processAn extinction burst may also involve an increase in novel behavior and an increase in emotional behavior or aggressive behavior4The following example illustrates an extinction burst When Karens machine would not start after she pounded hard on the side she pounded it several times increase in frequency and pounded it harder and harder each time increase in intensity before she gave up and called the repairmanShe may also hit the other side of the machine and possibly curse or kick the machine5See figure 52 for an example of a graph illustrating an extinction burst4546
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