PSYB45 Lecture 2-5 detailed notes

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Zachariah Campbell

Lecture 2CHAPTER 1 Slide 2 How we can change ourselves and each others Example class of environments What we can see objectivelySlide 3Manic staying up all the time late eccentric talking fast being happy smiling alwaysProcess as a behaviour the process of getting there by studyingProduct as a behaviour an academic goalSlide 4 Has to be objectiveImpact comes in 2 spheres physical or socialPhysical Dimensions Joshua the Runner Slide 5 Trying to stay fit by looking at Duration y Running n a treadmill for 45 minutes Frequency y Running three times per week Intensity y Running at Level 8 on a treadmill Latency y Stimulus that prompts behaviour and you look at time between stimulus and target behaviourSlide 6 Overt picking up a chair running around the class everyone sees Covert whats going on inside the teacher or your mind that you cant see Slide 8 Involves the systematic application of learned principles and techniques to assess and improve an individuals covert andor overt behavior in order to enhance their functioning Slide 9 1 Excess smoking over eating drug use Deficit not sleeping enough not working enough not studying enough 3 ABC antecedent behavior consequence5 Is the change going to be there long enough to change the person and have an impact 7 Coming up with theories of why someone behaves is because of their past and it doesnt matterSlide 10 Bourne Identity 2 when asking the girl what happened to him Anterograde amnesia because of CIA Behavior modification helped him Slide 11 Punishment focus proper administered procedures are all positive reinforcements not punishmentReal causes Focuses on antecedent before the behavior1Not people control at all Intrinsic motivation inner motivation irrespective of environment around you This isnt trueExternal incentives not trueBehavior Modification BM works with everyone not just kidsSlide 13 Experiments with cats where they manipulated the world to get into another world example manipulate maze world and get to cheese worldGetting nourishment went hungry it will happen again As soon as it happens the first time they are reinforced and it will be quicker each time Slide 14 Abstract approaches to learning the mindThought its not pragmatics practical and wrote his manifesto that psychologists have to change everything and focus on behavior and environment because you cant change anything else Without his case study on Albert we wouldnt have came this far Slide 15 Almost all research based on animals Took Watsons fundamental point and went past it Implemented them by developing procedure and applying that knowledge in other cases Operant conditioningSlide 16 Dont remember datesCHAPTER 2 Slide 20Indirect you are not there when the behavior occurs Nothing wrong with information just not as clear and objective as we need it to be Slide 21 Direct you are seeing the person behave and act and can focus on it You are getting to the baselineBehavior excess banging hand on tableBehavioral deficit jogs around table and staying in your seat Slide 22 What we are looking forSlide 23 Stuart Grade 3 student who has difficulty paying attention in class and tends to engage in disruptive behaviourWe have a label here We can have a number of definitions in that behaviorIn this scenario Stuart is labeled as being disruptive in class Behavioral definitions Getting out of his seat during class Striking up conversations with others Pushing objects off his desk repeatedly Putting his hand up constantly in class2
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