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CogLab article notes needed for final exam

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Gabriela Ilie

PSYB57 Final CogLab Readers Implicit Refers to acquiring knowledge abt the rule-governed complexities of the stimulus Learning environment Independently of conscious attempts Eg: implicit sequence learning, where person learns a complex pattern but is unable to state what the rule is that governs the pattern Learned info is unconscious Typical implicit sequence learning task = serial response time (SRT) task Interested in how quickly a person can identify where a stimulus was shown There is an underlying pattern that defines the order in which the stimuli appears in the location If the subject learns this pattern, their rxn times (RT) will decrease Test block = pattern is changed; if subject learns the pattern, then the RT increases here Process-pure assumption = when one assumes that a particular task requires only one particular kind of processing If you avoid this, then the contradictory findings (sometimes there is awareness of the learned info, sometimes there isnt) wont be that evident Inclusion condn = task is set up so that both processes could contribute to perf Exclusion condn = task is set up so that one process will help perf but the other wont Tasks that seem implicit might benefit from explicit info Both sources of info could potentially play a role Mental It is impossible to know whether ppls mental images really differ, or if some subjects rotation just describe the mental images diff Rxn time increased with angle of rotation bw the shapes Increase was liner; suggests that it takes time to me
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