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Elizabeth Page- Gould

PSYC06 - Lecture 2, Chapters 4 & 5 – Methods of Psychophysiology Basic Psychophysiological Constructs – Arousal, Habituation, Baseline Arousal – Heightened activation of the autonomic nervous system in response to a stimulus. The arousal will be specific to each physiological measure in the ANS. Arousal will be specific to each stimulus that elicits it. Stimulus-response specificity – The way each peripheral physiological response will become aroused depends on specific features of the stimulus to which it is reacting. Habituation – Decreased activation as a stimulus becomes less novel Baseline – Tonic activity: the activity of a participant while they are at rest, with no evocative stimulus. Nothing is more important in physio than a good baseline Law of initial values – The degree to which a physiological response will change is a function of its starting level of activation. Specifically, greater phasic change is exhibited among lower tonic levels. This ‘law’ is not universal, but it is predominantly true. Individual response stereotypy – Each person shows a unique, individual pattern of responses to any given stimulus. This is an individual ‘stereotype’ because the individual will show the same unique pattern to the same stimulus across time. Homeostasis – It is equilibrium, stability, constancy. The mechanism that underlies the homeostatic process is negative feedback, hoever it is not invariably a sign of negative feedback. Basic procedure of a psychop
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