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University of Toronto Scarborough
Michael Inzlicht

Categorization Priming vs. Stereotype Priming (Lepore & Brown Study) Hypothesis: - If an out-group label or some symbolic equivalent are primed, the resultant stereotype activation and social judgements should diverge, being more negative for the high- and either less evidently stereotypic or more positive for the low-prejudice ppl. - On the otherhand, when some valenced stereotype content is primed directly, we predicted similar effects in both groups. Study 1: Do HPP and LPP have the same knowledge of the cultural stereotype of an ethnic minority? - Devine’s study  asked participants to list the content of a cultural stereotype, resulting in 15 categories (of which only 2 were positive characteristics) - Proportions of high and low prejudice participants listing each category did not differ. - Results of both studies suggest that knowledge of such cultural stereotypes often is shared widely and does not depend on prejudice level. ***Study 2: The differential effects of Categorization Priming on HPP and LPP - How easily is that knowledge activated? - As predicted high & low prejudice ppl differed in response to subliminally presented prime - HPP increased ratings of target person on negative stereotypic dimensions & decreased them on positive constructs  LPP appeared less affected by category priming altogether - Restricted prime to category labels and neutral associates thus semantic priming effects were eliminated. - Despite common stereotype knowledge, differential endorsement can make certain stereotypic features more accessible than others. - Implies that the strength of association
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