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Measuring Individual Differences in Implicit Cognition: The Implicit Association Test Summary

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Michael Inzlicht

PSYC12WINTER2013ARTICLE Measuring Individual Differences in Implicit Cognition The Implicit Association Test by Greenwald McGhee and SchwartzAbstractAn implicit association test IAT measures differential association of 2 target concepts with an attribute Using three experiments the IAT was sensitive to a nearuniversal evaluative differences b expected individuals differences in evaluative associations and c consciously disavowed evaluative differences Blackpleasant vs Whitepleasant for selfdescribed unprejudiced White subjectsIntroductionThere is an expected difficulty of experiments with the reversed second discrimination follows from the existence of strong associations of male names to male faces and female names to female faces The assumed performance difference between the two versions of the combined task indeed measures the strength of genderbased associations between the face and name domains IAT will be potentially useful for diagnosing wide range of socially significant associative structurescan be able to measure evaluative associations that underlie implicit attitudesMeasuring Implicit AttitudesImplicit attitudes are manifested as actions or judgments that are under the control of automatically activated evaluation without the performers awareness of that causationThe IAT procedure seeks to measure implicit attitudes by measuring their underlying automatic evaluation One might appreciate the IATs potential value as a measure of socially significant automatic associations by changing the thought experiment to one in which the tobedistinguished faces of the first task are Black or White hello to African American Faces and Goodbye to European Faces and the second task is to classify words as pleasant or unpleasant in meaning hello to pleasant words and goodbye to unpleasantoBlackPleasant WhiteUnpleasantif this is faster there is a preference for black stronger association with blackpleasant oBlackUnpleasantWhitePleasantif this is faster there is preference for whitestronger association with black and unpleasantIAT is good at gauging actual preferences that may usually be hidden or masked by selfpresentation strategiesIt is so fast it can reveal attitudes and other automatic association even for subjects who prefer not to express those attitudesDesign of the IAT
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