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Quiz Study Guide 1/17/2012 7:30:00 AM Judaism: Apocalypse  From the Greek word for ‘unveiling’  The final battle between darkness and light expected at the end of time.  Apocalyptic literature flourished in the Hellenistic era. o It also tends to be very eschatological in nature. Berith  Hebrew term for covenant (contract)  The special relationship between God and the Jewish people. Diaspora  The Jewish world outside of Israel.  It began with the Babylonian exile, from which not all Jews returned.  One philosopher wrote about Diaspora saying that the Torah remained very important but Diaspora thinkers tried to show that it agreed with Greek philosophy. Documentary Hypothesis  The 1894 theory that the Pentateuch was not written only by Moses but compiled over a long period of time from multiple sources.  Although most people disagree with this hypothesis, it tends to serve as a basis for current research. Eschatology  Doctrine concerning the end of the age.  The term comes from the Greeks, and it means ‘study of the end’  Ancient Hebrews were not overly focused on what happens after death. This idea came much later. Exile  The deportation of Jewish leaders from Jerusalem to Mesopotamia by the Babylonians in 586 BCE.  Disrupting local Israelite political, ritual, and agricultural institutions. It marked the transition from Israelite religion to Judaism. Exodus  The migration of Hebrews from Egypt (where they were slaves) under the leadership of Moses. o God asks Moses to ask for the Hebrews to be released from Egyptian control, when they refuse God sends a plague that only affects the Egyptians, so they are able to escape. They lived as nomads for 40 years. o This is the time when the 10 Commandments were created. o Since the Temple was destroyed the Hebrews worshipped in a tent called the Tabernacle, which held the Arc of the Covenant.  Understood to be the start of the Israelite nation. Menorah  The 7 branched candle stick.  Jewish symbol since ancient times, even before the Star of David.  Modern version is called the Hanukiah, it has 9 branches and is used at Hanukkah. midrash  Commentary or interpretation of the Torah  Most are line-by-line interpretations following along with the Biblical text. Some follow the schedule of weekly biblical readings for the synagogue.  When a new interpretation is written, it is added to existing ones. Rather than just replacing them. Mishnah  The Hebrew summary of the oral law. Inherited from Pharisais and ascribed to Moses. It is arranged by topic. o Agriculture, Festivals, Women, Damages, Rituals, and Purifications.  Edited by
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