RLGA01H3 Study Guide - Haniwa, Zazen, Tenrikyo

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18 Dec 2012

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The drum makes it way on shoulders of bearers, beating, attacked by smaller drums. Causes many injuries and damage, but promoted by gov. as representing spirit of furukawa. Like a steam vent designed to release pressure from class/economic differences. Visual kei: similar to punk, less structured and rhythmic; performer does following b4 concert: Washes hand in temple, joins hand and bows to bodhisattva of compassion, kannon then bows, claps her hands twice, throws coin into coffer, and prays to benten, deity of music/performance. = westerners think religion = personal belief, based on experience/needs. Common in japan to have buddhist, shinto and christian follower all in one person. Word for religion inexistent until 1880s; shukyo: teachings (kyo) + sect (shu) was created. Kami: individual spirits associated with specific natural phenomena, powers, and places. Japs tolerate doctrinal diversity at popular level; not many regulations on what is/isn"t allowed.

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