RLGA02H3 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Ein Sof, Sefer Torah, Israelites

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9 Feb 2014

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Maccabean revolt - also known as judah the hammer, was a rebellion sparked by modin mattathias the hasmonean (a priest) who refused to pray to greek gods). Greeks come and break violations by killing pig on altar. Judean rebel group called maccabees against the seleucid empire: documentary hypothesis- the theory (1894)that the pentateuch was not written by one person, moses, but a compilation of from multiple sources over a long period of time. Prophets- they are the intermediaries used by god to communicate with his people. Their message is not their own but gods words. Jews were dispersed and their heritage was lost because no more agricultural life so some rules and rituals had to be rethought. Hellenistic judaism- the fall of persians by alexander the great in 331bce where. Greeks were accepted by a lot of meditarrian people and their languages and cultures stuck and used widely. The judean started to lose touch with their original knowledge of.

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