RLGA02H3 : Christianity Terms and Outline of Key Concepts

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13 Apr 2011

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Apostles: the first generation of jesus" followers. all of jesus" 12 disciples were apostles, and some wrote the different gospels, which recount the different perspectives on jesus" life. Pentecost: the fiftieth day after easter, commemorated as the dramatic occasion when. Jesus" followers experienced the presence of the holy spirit. Evangelical: in germany, a name for the lutheran church; in the english-speaking world, a description of conservative protestants with a confident sense of the assurance of the divine grace and the obligation to preach it. Christ: from the greek christos, a translation of the hebrew word for messiah, Jesus was believed to be a messiah and therefore became referred to as jesus the christ to represent this. In the many different accounts of jesus" life in the gospels, we see jesus referred to as many different things: the saviour of the gentiles, the master of the.

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